Connecticut boxwood leaf miner fact sheet
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 The boxwood leafminer is a serious pest of Pennsylvania plantings of boxwood, Buxus spp. Now it is found across the United States wherever boxwood grows. PDF version of Boxwood Leafminer Fact Sheet — PDF document, 76Kb
Download Connecticut boxwood leaf miner fact sheet >>
Download Connecticut boxwood leaf miner fact sheet >>
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Oval, water-soaked swellings on the lower leaf surface evident from midsummer until shed. There are few known natural enemies of the boxwood leafminer.
 miners and their control john c. schread pupae skins of the boxwood leaf miner . leguminous crops and weeds. there are 2000cedar leafminer fact sheet
 To get the best quality when printing Fact Sheets with certain printers, set the scale to 100% in “Print Preview.” Peach and Nectarine Insects, Mites, and Diseases IPM (CT Integrated Pest Management Program) Boxwood Blight
 If you believe your plants may be infected with boxwood blight, an accurate to those of other boxwood problems including Volutella blight, root rot, boxwood leafminer and winter injury. For pesticide information please call UConn Home and Garden Education Center weekdays, in Connecticut call toll free 877-486-6271.
 leafmining flies, such as the holly leafminer and the boxwood leafminer, a cecidomyiid fly, cause . This fact sheet is not a substitute for the pesticide label.
 control of leaf miners - connecticut - pests of ornamentals reports on control experiments john c. schread pupae skins of the boxwood leaf miner protrude from leafminers on ornamental plants.elm leafminer fact sheet - rainbow treecare.
 how to get rid of leaf minors on boxwood. Once the eggs hatch and the leaf miner is inside the leaf there is scroll down towards the bottom of the fact sheet.
 Fact Sheets. Search by Topic Freeze/Frost Occurrence Tables for Connecticut · Freeze/Frost Occurrence Tables for Boxwood Leafminer · Boxwood Psyllid.
 This fact sheet will discuss these scouting techniques, as well as the use of the top of the leaf, while mines of the boxwood leafminer are most apparent from

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